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When designing a new kitchen, don’t stop at the countertops and flooring. Considering the lighting of your space can make a big impact on how it looks, how easy it is to cook, and what kind of return you get for your renovation investment when you decide to sell the house. Work with a S.A.K. certified electrician to work in a few of these hot kitchen lighting trends.

Undercabinet Lighting

A few handsome LED light strips and your countertops are bright enough for chopping vegetables without losing a finger. Big wall cabinets add extra storage, but they also block light from reaching the counters below them. Integrated undercabinet lighting fixes this problem in an elegant way.

Rustic Fixtures

While brushed steel and the ultra modern commercial kitchen look reigned for a few years, designers are returned to woven linen and jute rope again to add natural touches to kitchen lighting. Try a more rustic iron bird cage pendant lamp approach for a dining nook instead of the glass and polished metal designs of last year.

Clustered Lights

Instead of the perfectly spaced can lights or formulaic track lights of the past, call in a certified electrician to wire clusters of hanging or ceiling flush lights over task areas like an island or the dining table. Clustered lights look more organic and provide more concentrated light at the same time.

Go Bigger

Don’t be afraid to add an eye-catching chandelier or vintage schoolhouse ceiling fan to the kitchen for a little glamor. Many people save the big fixtures for their dining and living rooms, but dramatic lights often work better in a kitchen, especially in open floor plans that leave a lot of empty space between the cooking and dining areas. A large light fixture can center a room that feels too open.

No matter what trends you try this year, make sure a certified electrician from S.A.K. checks all the wiring before you swap out any lights. Call us when you need helping wiring a brand new connection for a light or ceiling fan.