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clogged disposalGarbage disposals are a modern wonder that are constantly mistreated. If you have ever complained about your clogged disposal or the unpleasant smell rising out of it, you’ll be excited to find out that it’s most likely how you’re using it rather than problems with the model itself. Adjust your habits to keep your disposal running properly for years without the need for major repairs.

Clean It Every Three To Four Days

After a few days of use, grab some ice from the freezer and little table salt. Load a cup of cubes and a quarter cup of salt into the disposal, then run it until the ice is gone. This technique cleans off food deposits that cause odors without the use of chemicals that can damage pipes. Follow up by grinding a lemon or orange peel for a sweet smell.

Break Up Food

Some people try to force large food items down their disposal without thinking of the consequences. Unless you’ve invested in a unit that specifically claims to grind up anything, you’re putting a lot of wear and tear on the unit motor. Break large and hard pieces of waste into smaller pieces before grinding it to keep the disposal running properly.

Limit Fats and Proteins

If you just can’t prevent a clogged disposal or dirty unit with the usual tips, it’s time to change what you’re putting down the drain altogether. Fats and meat scraps are the most damaging to disposals because the material sticks to the sides of the pipes and accumulates quicker than other residues. The simple switch of putting grease and meat into a separate garbage container instead can make it a lot easier to keep your garbage disposal working. Pasta, rice, and eggshells are also no-nos for putting down your kitchen disposal.

When nothing seems to work for your drains, call S.A.K. We can help you determine what’s wrong with your garbage disposal as quickly as possible.