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electricalBuying a new home is a great investment in your family’s future. But you may end up spending far more than the purchase price if you don’t have the electrical system inspected before signing the purchase contract. Major electrical problems can cost quite a bit to fix, and many homes aren’t safe to inhabit until the wiring and outlets are updated and replaced. Hiring an electrician from S.A.K. to inspect the wiring and fixtures pays off in multiple ways,

General Home Inspections Aren’t As Focused

A home inspector has to inspect everything from the roof to the foundation in just a few hours. This inspector doesn’t have time to dedicate an hour just to testing every outlet or chasing damage to mouse-chewed wiring. On top of time constraints, most general home inspectors don’t want to remove wall paneling or send cameras deep into wall cavities to map every inch of the wiring. An electrician hired to check the electrical system alone will have the time and equipment for addressing all of these situations and more.

Meeting Building Code And Zoning Requirements

You might get away with buying a house that doesn’t fit your area’s current standards on safety and building standards, but you’ll run into trouble when you try to sell the home to someone else. Checking that the power system is modernized and meets all the various requirements for the city, state, and federal rules means you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make the home ready for the market.

Dangerous Situations

Some homeowners do their own electrical repairs, or install wiring and circuit breakers rated well below the amount of power that’s running through them. All of these issues increase the risks of a serious house fire. Call S.A.K. for a complete, tailored inspection, and get immediate help in fixing any potential issues that your new home may have.