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Stepping into a puddle as you visit the toilet for the first time in the morning is an unpleasant way to wake up. But don’t rush to assume that water pooling around the base of your porcelain throne is coming from the fixture itself. Depending on the design of your bathroom, there could be four other likely sources of the water that don’t come from a leaky toilet.

Leak in Water Supply

The water line connecting to the toilet is a common cause of leaks. No amount of replacing the wax seal and internal flappers will fix a leak that starts before the water even enters the toilet. Of course, shutting off the water supply will make the leak stop whether it’s the line itself or the toilet. Only a plumber from S.A.K. can determine if it’s the tank or the supply line.


In hot weather, the cold water inside a toilet causes moisture to gather on the exterior surface of the tank and bowl. This water drips down to the floor to create the look of a leaky toilet when nothing’s actually wrong. If you only experience moisture issues during hot weather, you most likely don’t need the help of a plumber at all.

Shower and Sink Problems

Don’t forget about leaky pipes and drains in the rest of the bathroom. Tiled walls and floors often force moisture to travel great distances before it visibly rises to the surface, which means a pipe leaking behind the shower wall could be the reason there’s a puddle under your toilet. Toilet repairs can’t fix a problem that is six or seven feet away and hidden behind another fixture.

Kids and Pets

Finally, don’t overlook the fact that someone in your home may be creating the puddle by playing around in the toilet bowl. Too many people have called plumbers out over and over again for mysterious leaks that turn out to be caused by dogs or toddlers instead. Just to make sure, you may try keeping the bowl locked for a day or two before calling us here at S.A.K. just to rule out this possibility.