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It’s hard to get your day started off on the right note when you’re ready to make breakfast and discover your refrigerator has been off for hours and your food is on the verge of spoiling. When there’s a problem with an appliance shutting off completely, it can be hard to tell if you should call a mobile electrician for help or an appliance repair specialist instead. If you do a little troubleshooting on your own first, you may be able to determine where to call for help first.

Test the Outlet

First, unplug the appliance from its outlet and examine the plate for signs of sparking or arcing, like melted plastic or black scorch patterns around the outlet. Feel the plate and see if it’s warm or hot, two signs of electrical issues inside the wall. If other appliances plugged into the outlet also fail to work, you need help from a mobile electrician from S.A.K. If you notice melted insulation or other damage on the electrical cord of the appliance, you will want to call an appliance repair technician for help rewiring the unit instead.

Try Another Power Source

If you’re still not sure whether it’s your blender or the outlet that’s acting up, try a different outlet in a nearby room. This isn’t possible with big refrigerators and electric stoves that require a larger plug, but it’s a quick test for any smaller appliances.

Look For A Larger Pattern

Is the problem intermittent and obviously electrical? For example, electric ovens that switch off at relatively low temperatures may be overloading their outlets. Even if it’s a faulty sensor or control unit causing the appliance issue you’re struggling with, it’s worth it to call in a mobile electrician because unusual power draw from a malfunctioning appliance can also permanently damage the outlet and wiring.

Protect your electrical system (and ultimately your appliances) with regular inspections from a reliable S.A.K. team member.