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plumberIn many cases when you need to call a plumber, there is nothing you could have done to prevent the leak or clog from developing. However, a few small behaviors add up in a big way when it comes to damaging the plumbing. Avoid these common practices to keep your plumbing in the best shape possible:

Using Caustic Chemicals

From clog removers to drain odor treatments, it’s never a good idea to pour strong chemicals down your drain. No matter what the bottle claims about safety and plumber approval, these chemicals are no substitute for genuine treatment handled by a plumber.

Flushing Food and Incorrect Waste Items

Cooking grease, feminine products, and leftover paint don’t belong in your drains. Aside from creating serious clogs that require a plumber’s help to repair, these unwanted deposits can damage the entire sewer system and leave you with a serious bill for the repairs.

Letting Pipes Go Too Long Without Replacement

Investing in an older home can help you save a little money in crowded and high demand real estate markets. Unfortunately, the money you save may not outweight the cost of having every pipe removed and replaced with modern materials. Old-fashioned cast iron, copper, and lead pipes all eventually corrode to create serious leaks and may effect your family’s health as metals leach into the drinking water. Make sure your pipes are up to date or you’ll end up spending a lot more on water damage mitigation after a major flood.

Overusing Certain Appliances

In a busy house full of kids, it’s easy to keep the dishwasher or washing machine running for hours on end. However, all that demand can wear out the plumbing connections for these appliances. Invest in pipe upgrades on any equipment you use more than usual.

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