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Welcome to our concrete division! Here you’ll learn what we do and who we are from a concrete standpoint. Four years after opening our doors, SAK found a way to effectively control the scheduling of each trade on a project by expanding the company even further with the addition of a concrete crew. This shortens the time period required to complete a project requiring multiple trades. Whether it’s a cracked driveway or sidewalk that needs to be fixed, a new patio you’re planning to add, or any type of concrete project you have planned, we’re solid. Our concrete crew is the foundation of a successful project! Period.


Our residential scope of work includes, but is not limited to: New flatwork (sidewalks/paths, driveways, patios), foundations, post-tension slabs, monolithic pours, stamped concrete, demolition work, and epoxy coating for garage floors. It’s also important to know that we have full-sized dump trucks and trailers available to haul away unwanted concrete. Tell us about your project and we’ll get on it!


Removal & Repair

There are many reasons your concrete may need a quick repair and/or removal. Growing tree roots can cause small sections of your concrete to lift or crack, creating a tripping hazard. Some projects on your home may require trenching across driveways or pathways, leaving a section of concrete that needs to be re-filled. We can break it up, haul it off, and lay it down. Just tell us what you need and we’re on it!


At SAK, we pride ourselves on quick, efficient work and getting the job done right! SAK takes pride in providing an honest evaluation of your projects and electrical problems. Trust, character, honesty, and integrity form the foundation of our personal and business identity–period.

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Why SAK?

Our commercial scope of work includes (but is not limited to) removal and new flatwork (sidewalks/paths, driveways, and patios) foundations, post-tension slabs, monolithic pours, light pole bases, bollards, curb and gutter, monument sign bases, and concrete walls.